Monday, January 3, 2011

Be Not Afraid

Today I had to take my little girl to the pediatric neurologist for a check-up. She started having seizures last year. In fact, she had her third seizure over the Christmas holiday. Her initial MRI showed a bright spot on the right side of her cerebral hemisphere, so Maggie is on meds for the seizures and the doctor continues to monitor the situation. Monday, she will have her third MRI, and since she is so little (two-and-a-half), she will have to be sedated. Sedation involves a needle, and she has quickly learned to be wary of medical facilities. Today, when we walked into the complex where the neurology department is housed, Maggie looked up at me and said, "I 'fraid!"

Of course, I did what any parent would do--I held her hand tighter, re-assured her as best I could, and when she wanted to sit on my lap the whole time, I let her. Later, it occurred to me how fortunate I was to have a Heavenly Father who cared for me better than I could ever care for my own child. I remembered all the times in the last year that, whether or not I let anyone know about it, my insides were screaming "I'M AFRAID!" My Heavenly Father did not rebuke or shame me for my fear, but rather, he held my hand tighter; he re-assured me through His Word, His peace, and His Presence; and He promised never to let me go. I'm so glad to remember that this wonderful Father is not only taking care of me, but also is taking care of my dear daughter!

January 3rd top ten glad thoughts:
1) My children slept until 8:00. The next solar eclipse could come before that happens again.
2) There are only 4 packets of whole grain instant cream of wheat left in my cupboard, and then I will likely never have to eat it again.
3) My son volunteered to help me with dishes without being offered a bribe.
4) A Christmas package with a warm fleece blanket arrived just in time for me to lock myself out of the house and have to wait awhile for the key to arrive.
5) Braunsweiger
6) A clean kitchen
7) A thoughtful husband who ran the vacuum and made the bed without so much as a hint
8) Reading "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas" to my son for the first time
9) Helping my daughter take her dolly for a walk in the dolly stroller she got for Christmas
10) Quiet (are the children all in bed? It is now 8:00!)

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