Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Image Correction

Wow. It is ten minutes to six o'clock. My children are playing constructively. They have been bathed, dressed for bed, and fed dinner. The dishes are done. The bathrooms are clean. Maybe it has something to do with that partial solar eclipse, but whatever it is, I'm thankful for a moment to sit down and stuff my glad pocket.

The last couple of days have been busy with the usual--grocery shopping, laundry--just getting back into the routine. Something new that we've done since we got home though, is trying to spend sometime each afternoon painting. My four-year-old wants to be an artist. Unfortunately, his mother is challenged with stick figures; however, since I read an article which said it was good for the parent to learn alongside the child, I am trying. Boy, do I need a book, or a tutor, or maybe just a good ol' paint by number.

Yesterday, Wade said, "Mom! Let's paint Maggie!" He had to pick a person--and a moving target for that matter. The watercolors were unpredictable and unmanagable, and the painting that emerged 45 minutes later looked nothing like my daughter. What was worse, was that I had no idea what I'd done wrong, or what I could do to make it better next time. I was clueless; I needed guidance (still do . . .).

A few hours later, it occurred that a similar situation happens in every Christian life. When we become Christians, we are transformed by Christ's blood into new creatures, but then we begin a journey to become more like Christ's image. Fortunately, God did not leave us to figure this image out on our own. Not only do we have the Word of God to guide us, but we also have the Holy Spirit teaching us and guiding us every step of the way. I am so thankful for the good thoughts that can come from the most simple parts of our days!

And in the glad pocket for January 4th and 5th are
1) Children doing the whirling dervish in the living room while they wait for me to finish.
2) A warm husband on cold nights
3) Sugar free French Vanilla Coffee Mix with a squirt of Reddi Whip
4) My son's wonderfully funny exclamations which today included "Mammamia!" and "Nuts!"
5) Opportunity to get to know a friend better
6) Happy news on the scale
7) Earwarmers
8) The invention of the Light Caramel Frappacino
9) The never-ending container of All Laundry Detergent
10)Hot showers

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