Friday, January 7, 2011

Reverse Gratitude

Happy Friday! Do you ever have a day or two where you just feel tired and down, though there really isn't a specific reason? Well, that's kind of what Thursday felt like for me, but those are the precisely the kind of days that the glad pocket is for!

A while ago, I came up with a little concept I call reverse gratitude. Usually on my bad days, I am feeling overwhelmed with life, and jobs, and impossible lists, and messes. Reverse gratitude is when you take something take a negative and trace it back to the positive that caused it. For instance, when I'm helping my children clean up their toys at the end of the day, I remind myself to be thankful for my wonderful kids. When I've lost track of how many loads of laundry I've done, I thank God for the family that wears the clothes. When the dishes make their own mountain, I remember the good meals we ate off them.

Fortunately, most days gratitude is such hard work, but it's good to have a plan when the chips feel stacked against you!

Today's glad thoughts:
1) My hubby's day off!!!
2) Yet more four-year-old antics. Wade, upon getting out of the bath: "Mamma! I need a towel. I'm as cold as dead hair!
3) Being able to borrow my husband's p.j. pants. Never thought I'd see the day his pants would fit me.
4) Maggie randomly running up to me, hugging my leg as hard as she can, blowing me a kiss, and running back off to play.
5)An old fashioned letter in the mail.

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